Pranayam Malayalam Film Review.

Pranayam One Word :- Blessy’s new film Pranayam tries hard to show case the old generation’s emotions sincerely. Great performances from three great actors of India. However Film lacks depth.

Review :-

The word ‘Pranayam’ expresses all emotions of love. Blessy tried hard to achieve the emotions of older generations, which is being neglected by recent films. Though his screenplay at times tent to loose its charming, it get unnoticed by the great performances of its lead actors and a superb camera work of Mr Satheesh Kurup.

plot :-

AchuthaMenon (AnupamKher) in his early 60s staying with his son’s family in an apartment. Soon we find he collapsed in an elevator, after he met a women called Grace (Jaya Prada). After few scence it reveals before forty years he divorced her, because of some misunderstanding.

Grace’s husband Mathew (Mohanlal) is a philosopher. And he is in wheelchair after a stroke. And he always loves his wife. then there starts  the story, showcases all the emotions of the lead characters.

One more great thing about the movie is that, Mathew being a hardcore fan of Dr Leonard Cohen, sings the song I’m your man for his wife.He believes that Leonard written the song for him. The song has been sung by Mohanlal itself in the movie.

Performances :-

After a long time the great actor Mohanlal confidently faces the camera once again. Surly his flawless body language and dubbing as an old man show cases that apart from him, no one else should have been that much convincing as he did.

For AnupamKher and Jayaprada languages does’t seems to be a barrier for them. And nations 3 best actors showcases what they are really capable of. Anupamkher who did more than 400 films, rate Pranayam as one of his seven best films.

Jayaprada (Grace) as a women who knows only to love, A women who falls slave to the circumstances. She conceals the hurt heart from the outer world, Her performance is top notch.

AupamKher (Achutha Menon), as a man who happens to go through  the hardship of despite devoting his whole life. Though he know his love will never return to his life, he keeps all doors in his life widely open with high hopes. He got to play one of his greatest roles of all time and he essayed that with ease.

Rest of the cast, be it Anup menon, Niyas, Aryan, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Niveda all should be proud for their exceptional acting and also being able to work with these three legends.

Summary :-

Screen play often lacks its depth, shaky at the start and end. Though at times it also has outstanding screenplay.  At the end we feel that, film should have been more deeper. When end credits start rolling we may feel like the charecter Achuthamenon (Anupam kher) did not get any justice in the story, for the all tragedies he came across.

Nevertheless it is another gem for these three great actors. Watch it for them and for an unusual love story with full of emotions.

Rating :- 3.25 / 5      

Pranayam movie Trailer.

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