Second Show Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

One Word :

“Second Show” have tried best to be a perfect movie, though will give some hope that we can expect more from this young talents. Not much refreshing story,however told in a refreshing way. This second Show will end up as good one time watch , thanks to some good performances, screenplay.

Good thing about this movie is that 99% of the crews are first timers. The young talented energy can be seen through out in the film. however lack of experience made the film from being a perfect one.

The inexperience of the team can be clearly seen in acting, screen play, editing, cinematography as well.

However the story has been told in a very refreshing way, and the debutant Dulqar Salman, Sunny, Baburaj, and the Bollywood legend Sudesh Berry are the picks of the lot.

Plot :

The movie talks about the happenings in the dark face of a city.Where quotations team are fighting each other for their pray, a pretty old fashioned story. however the film have presented the story in a refreshing way.

The gang leader Lalu (Hari) and his friends have a clash with the top gang leader of the city, Vishnubadhran. Hari starts making moves against Vishnubadhran, and at the same time, the gang leader plans ways and means to destroy Lalu. The story starts here!!

Performance :

Dulqar Salman : Very Promising. He got a perfect start, and he gave a promising performance, but we can expect more than this, from this young actor, under a good director. Need to improve dialogue delivery and was good in action scenes. (A good competitor for Mammookka:) )

Sudesh Berry : A perfect start to his new innings in Malayalam. His expressions and dialogue renditions were perfect for this Villain “Vishnu Vardhan”‘.

Gauthami Nair : A very promising debut for her too. Though gave a very positive performance , importance of her role was very less.

The rest of the cast  was tried their best and Sunny has to be appreciated for his performance and Baburaj for his perfect Comedy.

Behind The Camera :

Director : Srinath Rajendran, done a promising debut, we can expect a much better film, Should have been better if he put little more effort.

Screen Play : Vinu Vishwalal, done an outstanding job, by telling a pretty old story in a pretty new way.

Camera : Pappu’s visuals are some times feels great and some times poor. Though he done an outstanding job in the second half, his inexperience was clear in the first half, with some very shaky shots.

Music : Music by Nikhil Rajan and Avial is average, however the BGM has to be appreciated and it is a highlight of the movie.

Editing : Well need to improve a lot. There is lots to learn for these talented Praveen K.L and Srikanth N.B

Final Word : 

Even though the film has a pretty old story line, it has told in a refreshing way and we will never get bored. However inexperience of the group stoped this film from being a perfect one. But I have to tell that, this film gives lot of faith for the future of Malayalam films, be it a young director, or writer or be it a group of good actors.

Second show have got some good message about friendship and its importance, also some good dialogues, actions and comedy will make this film a good one time watch.

Do I wanna go for it? A one time watch, the film is not a bad attempt. An attempt to make this film a good one is there from its crew. After all Malayalam film have got some more new blood. Go and give some cheers for this young talents.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Trailer :

25 comments on “Second Show Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

  1. nalla padam

    james nee naayiyude monanoda mone james

    teri parayanemennundengil veettil poyi para, naattukaarod venda mone james

    naanamillatha janthu

  2. Awsom pefomnc

  3. Gud film….gud acting…..dulquer rokz

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  9. Ist time attempt ……………….appreciable

  10. most of the time story line revolves around dulquer alone , dialog delivery is not up to expectation , once again Babraj s comic action is intelligent, overall film was diappointing

  11. worst movie…notin more to tell

  12. have a marriage vedio quality….bad movie,if u feel to pramote new faces see it

  13. Promising debut by Dulqar and Sunny.I really got worried by the climax scene.

    • y u got worried, i dnt think tht if any other director was there, he did not have any courage to let down the main actor. That has to be appreciated.

  14. Film reminded me about Tamil movie Subramanyapuram.Got worried by the climax scene.

  15. superb movie,good dialogues standard comedies and also good climax and performance by dulqar and sunny,dont miss it

  16. stay in malayalam only

  17. Nalla Movie !! Dulqar Rocks:)

  18. Thanks, theater- Njan ithu kanum, Nalla padamanennu kottukar paranju!!

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