Ee Adutha Kalathu Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

One Word :

EE Adutha Kalathu, another Movie to add to your library of some of the rare good movies like, Traffic, beautiful, salt n Pepper, city of god, cocktail etc… so far the best release in the year 2012. The film has got outstanding performances from its all actors, and with a good direction, back ground music and a clever screen play will make this film an outstanding one and a NEVER MISS ONE.

Ee adutha kalathu is a movie, which has a very complex story line of different people,which explains their different emotions, comes together coincidentally. And the movie show cases the struggles of each one of them in their life. It show cases all the good and bad of a city. And a very refreshing screenplay will make this film one of the rare watch. And thankfully there is no bad guy, good guy, or a lead actor in this tale. Here the story based on characters not the actors.

The films dialogues are bold, and the technical brilliants of the movie should be appreciated.

Plot :

Vishnu (Indrajith) is the representation of the struggling family man in a very big city,  he gets his day to day money by collecting waste scraps and by playing cricket.   Ramani (Mythili), his wife not happy with her life . and they have two daughters.they together fight for their day to day leaving.

And the characters are presented in a discipline style, one after another and their stories. Madhuri (Tanushree) plays an ex actress of Bollywood living with her husband Ajay Kurien(Murali Gopi) and one son. Ajay is chief in the city hospital and her son is a cricket mad guy.

Rushtum (Nishan), a north Indian come to this city with a strange purpose and he speaks little Malayalam.

And we have got a talented police Officer Tom Cherian(Anoop Menon) , looking ways to get famous along with his  lover Roopa with same beliefs, a journalist, played by Lena.

Performance :

Indrajith : Once again got a platform to prove his maturity as an actor, he was simply superb in his role.

Mythili : She was apt for the role, and she is getting more and more offers in Malayalam, and this performance will definitely help her to get more good roles.

Thanushri Ghosh : An excellent performance and scored big with her first Malayalam film, she has to be appreciated with her vivid expressions and controlled acting. And she tried her best with the pronunciation as well. And she will definitely grab more opportunities in the future.

Nishan : He got one of the different roles from his past movies, and he did justice and was a suspense factor of the movie.

Lena : Again a verity role for her, and she did that with ease.

Murali Gopi : The man behind this brilliant screen play, taken one of the meaty role and done justice to his screenplay.

Anoop Menon create an impact with limited scenes and one more jewel to his career, Jagathy as usual continued his good job, that he had shown from years. The rest of the cast done an outstanding job to make this film an outstanding watch, from them Gimi George deserves a special mention.

Behind The Camera :

Director : Arun kumar, he just proved that his previous hit Cocktail was not just a mere coincidence , and we audience can expect more from this talented director. And got to fame with his first two movies itself.

Screen Play : Murali Gopi, 3 cheers for this outstanding screen play, the way he incorporated all the different story or life into one tale is amazing, and he improved much from his debutant movie Rasikan as a screen writer.

Camera : One of the success factor of the movie is Shehnad Jalaal’s camera. And his breath taking visuals will definitely remember even after the end credits.

Music : Gopi Sunder’s BGM and the songs suit the mood and a refreshing one.

Final Word : 

Reality is a Movie… that stars You And only You. In this movie, there are no Good People, no Bad People, only Unfortunate People.. Who hunt for a Fortune.. This Season.. Get Ready For an Adventure.. Into Your Own World!” The film will make its caption absolutely right.

The film starts slowly and bit confusing at first few minutes, however all justified on the move.This film will definitely make you proud of a Malayalam Film supporter and the movie has everything be it horror, love, happiness, fear, humour, courage. In one word this movie is a thriller filled with love suspense humor romantic family drama (Well little complex!!). Now its up to you to rate this movie with your imagination, because this movie definitely test the intelligence of the audience.

Do I wanna go for it? if you don’t watch this movie, I don’t understand then what you are waiting for? 3 Cheers for EE adutha Kalathu and the crew!!

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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15 comments on “Ee Adutha Kalathu Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

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  3. guys do you know the name of the guy who did the role of gangster and delivering super dialouge “Thrissurile kombanmaru ninte kodaledukkan porappettitundu..nee karuthi irunno”

  4. we are happy because my malayalam movie is coming back….. hidden talented people are coming out and they will lead our industry in a idolic way..

  5. Another milestone in malayalam film industry………..AWESOME

  6. awesome that’s all …
    pinnallathe !

  7. A must watch malayalam movie

  8. ithu nalla padama kooduthalu paryukela poyi kanu. pinnallathe

  9. Pa papa pappa pappa paapaa
    Pa Papa pappa pappa paapaa
    Great superb, and outstanding, this movie deserve 4.5 rating, good review:)

  10. I have been stopped watching malayalam movies for a while(except those rare gems) and got addicted to tamil movies…Also its been a while I stopped bragging in front of tamilians if the talk is abt movies… Its a real pleasure to see we are back on track with movies like these…
    Thanks for reviewing this fast;… Expecting to see Nidhra review also…

  11. Adipoli movie, pakshe ishtappedanamenkilu thaliyilenthenkilum Veenam

  12. Super duper film aliyaa !!

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