Goodbye December Malayalam Movie Preview – Theater Balcony

Goodbye December is an upcoming romantic, musical love story directed by Sajeed A. Sajeed A is creative director / producer of various hit MTV shows like MTV Girls Night Out, MTV Bakra,and many more… And this film is produced by Lucsam creations, known for their Salt n Pepper and recent Nidra.

Sajeed’s directorial debut in films was the short film, Buddha Never Smiled, which went around internationally and got him the India Vision Best Debut Director (Short film)award.MTV Girls Night Out, India’s first horror reality show which was directed by him won the Best Reality Show in Asian Television Awards, Singapore, 2011 for its perfect execution and uniquenessAnd he direct / Produce MTV’s most popular shows like Fully Faltoo, Most Wanted, LoveLine, VJ Profiles, Eat This, Dance Crew etc.. Let’s wait for this talented director’s upcoming Movie – Goodbye December.

The film also marks the debut of The Shillong Chamber Choir who will be singing, composing the songs and even doing the background score for the film. Vinu Thomas is also doing scoring for the film.

The cast of the film includes talented Asif Ali, who had some great performances in Salt n Pepper, Ritu, Apoorva Ragam , Katha Thudarunnu, Traffic will be looking forward to strike big with this movie, as his latest films Unnam and Asuravithu did not do well. Already he is getting some meaty roles only because of his talent. Eagerly waiting to get more from this talented actor.

The movie has also witness the debut of the Miss India Universe – I am she, Ushoshi Sengupta. According to her she is so exited and she did find some similarities in Bengal and Kerala.  she says,Films seemed to be the perfect, logical progression in the career graph of a model. And for someone who “sleeps, drinks and eats movies”, the offer was a dream come true. “Malayalam films are known for the strength of their plots. And I knew I would be able to explore my acting skills here,” says the rookie who has bagged a Bollywood film, too. She was spotted during a MTV audition in Mumbai.

Another model / actress will be debuting in Malayalam film is Miss Andhra 2008, Nandini Rai  playing a naughty teacher After a stint in Bollywood with Login and 4 Telugu films like hormones, Nandini seems upbeat about her Malayalam debut. “The best thing about the Malayalam film industry is that there are a lot of movies here which gives importance to female characters. That’s a welcome change from industries wherein the focus is entirely on the hero.”

Recently in Kochi, held an audition for some new faces for this movie. According to director Sajeed, one day he would love to do a film like Chemmeen.

Another important news is that, the song Madi Madi by Shillong Chamber Choir is already out in the you tube (Studio Version), and a huge hit. This is the first Malayalam film aired in BBC, and only the second South Indian song after “Kolavari Di”.

Song :madi madi – the madi song for lazy boys & lazy girls [Thanks Lucsam Creations, Times Of India, The Hindu]

5 comments on “Goodbye December Malayalam Movie Preview – Theater Balcony

  1. hi..! shillong chamber choir’s song madi madi is awesome. wanted to know when is the film going to release…

  2. https://www.facebook.com/lucsamcreations guys if u wanna get in touch with the stars and the movie makers come check out the LUCSAM CREATION’s PAGE – THE PRODUCERS OF GOODBYE DECEMBER!

  3. Sajeed, I am a crazy fan of ‘Girl’s Night Out’ – and I am sure u gonna rock with this, hope u ll make films in Hindi as well. I also liked Bakra a lot.

  4. Sajeed I am a big fan of Girls night out, and all the best for good bye December. And even I can’t imagine how come they sung this song in Malayali.

  5. All the best to Sajeed and team, the song Madi madi looks great!! however looks like not getting enough marketing for this song, I am wondering how they sung the song in Malayalam, its believed to be the toughest language. Not withstanding Shreya ghosal’s songs. still?

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