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One Word : Shikari a film which has no scope at all to entertain the audience. Though the film have got a good plot, it failed unbelievably in the celluloid. A perfect example, that only big star casts cannot boost a bad film.

The film have got some refreshing plot, however it failed in all the departments,   starting from its director to the actors. This Malayalam, Kannada bilingual movie is a  result of a bad screenplay and direction. The movie had the scope, had some of the greates casts it can get, and got some of the good songs, yet the film ended at as a disaster.


The film talk about a software engineer (Mammotty), who interested in a particular novel and get addicted to it. That novel is a story of a hunter, and the software engineer went to find the truth. Both characters were played by Mammootty. And both of them have love interests, and the female lead is Poonam Bajwa, again double role.

Rest I apologize, I really did not understand …

Performance :

As usual I am not going to pick one by one, in general a below par performance over all, especially the romantic scenes between the lead pairs. We have seen some great performance from the great actor Mammootty, however this one will end up as a mere unnoticed film in his long list of good films.

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13 comments on “Shikari Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

  1. നീ ഏതു കൊനാതിന്നാട റിവ്യൂ എഴുതാന്‍ പഠിച്ചേ ………

  2. 2011’ile katha veendum thudarunnu..ee kilavanmaarude kaalamokke kazhinju..pillaarde films aaanu janangal aetedukkunnathu..

  3. Da lalleetande eth kopille padamada hit ae arabiyum ottakavum marubhoomiyil thannupoyi pinne cassanova kand cashupoyi ….. Athinekalum bhedhamada venice n shikari .. Poyi padam kanddiit common sensodu kudi post cheyada .

  4. nice nice nice nice movie who said this is bad movie
    go fuck your self

  5. Lousy Movie. And what is that joker, who comes with a cheap looking cap, does in the movie. Most probably he is related to the producer.

    • That joker comes in the first song sequence. The entire song should have avoided. Director wants to make some thing like a neo realism scene and miserably fails in it

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  7. @jafer
    Mr Mammoottyude cinemayellam pottunnanthinu reviwerine enthina parayunne, thanikku oru cinema parayamo last yearil mammottyude hit. Onnumilla. Pinnengane angerude cinimayku favorayittu ezhuthum, Venicile vyapari – Athu thara cinemayanennu ellarum paranju ennittum ee sitil athinu 2.5 kitti. Ippo samadhanamayo jafer idukkiyku ??? Mammottiye support cheythilla ennu paranjathu thettanu —-Link : https://theaterbalcony.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/venicile-vyapari-malaylam-movie-review-theater-balcony/

  8. Eda thendi nari koppe, nee nalla cinimaye kutharayennum, koothara cinimaye parisudda mariyomennum vilikkum. Poyi ariyavunna pani yenthenkilum cheyyu , Nayinte monte mone… Enthu koppu kandittada a nidra nallathannu paranje ????

    • Excuse me vargise chettae, before scolding the reviewer can you just point out at least one good thing about this movie. Atleast one dialogue you can say it is good. if u cant jst get lost. Then please dont cmpre this movie with the great Nidra. To understand something u shld watch good films, allathe fans enna baffoonayittu nadannal, yethu naya kandiyum ninakku gold aaye thonnu

      • Nayikandi enikku ishtapettu – ee movie nallathalla, pakshe mammootiyude ethenkulum oru review, ee sittil kanichu tharamo, that has some good word in it.

  9. Thanks theatre u just saved me from suicide !!

    • mammooty got fucked up with actng.he wants to make money.that s y he s doin movies.He cant make a film super hit only with his acting skills,but he can turn up a good film to flop.that s vat happnd in this case,if it s a good movie.

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