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One Word :

Ordinary is truly an EXTRA ‘ordinary’ film, which will make you think that you literally visited the beautiful village Givi. Ordinary is a perfect example of a good team work, where the film have got outstanding script, excellent direction, fabulous acting and a perfect mix of Romance, Comedy and Emotion.

Debutant director Sugeeth done a great job in Ordinary, hardly we feel that we are watching a fresh director’s movie. The screenplay has to be appreciated, with every characters have there own importance in the movie, even if they are only in one or two scenes – perfect example is the role played by Salim Kumar.

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49 comments on “Ordinary Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

  1. There is nothing new in the story lin. Biju’s perfomance is the only relief for ‘ordinary’. Bt the movie s a gud guidance to the beutifull village gavi..

  2. I don’t think this is a bad movie.Good picturisation.good performance by biju menon and baburaj

  3. go to hell
    very ordinary film
    very very poor romance and comedy.
    sadaranakkarante budhiye kaliyakkunna vidathiululla mairu padam.

  4. watched the movie yesterday. true to its name, an ordinary film. the only thing I liked about the movie was the depiction of gavi. a few simpleton characters, boring romance scenes between Kunchako and Sritha, an over acting Asif Ali and a predictable climax is what the film is comprised of. Biju Menon and Baburaj were good. couldn’t find anything extra-ordinary about it

  5. 70/100 marks upto interval and only 20/100 for 2nd part. Locations gavi, kuttikkanam, the resort ‘Vagamon heights’, the KSRTC and their employees are picturised very well. fantastic performance by Biju Menon. songs below avarage especially lyrics. Picturisation of childrens song is good. 2nd part remembering a 3rd rate film in 80s. more blunders. train passing thru gavi! SI yude collerinu pidikkuvan dhairyam kaanichavane sentiments undakkuvan vendi chocolate baby aakki. asif aliyekondu komaliyaya branthane avatharippikkunnu. onnukil interval vare ezhuthiya aalalla baakki bhagam poortheekarichathu. athu malayalam tv serial script writere elpichathupole… Oru nalla film aakkuvaan ethrayo saadhyathakal undaayirunnu!

  6. oru ordinary padam.vallya kopp onnulya.
    kand madtha korae senti scenes.
    comedy tintumon
    jokes pole und.
    chirikkan korae
    slang paranju
    vangyathe kond
    matram padam hit
    avilya. .
    2bfrank, u kn watch Givi fr wt u pay.
    dialogs parainath
    kaett orkkam
    varaand irunna oru
    nalla sthalam
    dunno y such non
    sense films get
    much applauses. .

  7. […] Ordinary which collected more than 11.25 crore is the first blockbuster for 2012. A film with simple story and great comedy got this film a successful venture… Film stars Biju Menon, Kunchako Boban and Asif Ali in the lead. Read Review…  […]

  8. hai friends, its a nice movie, first half is full of cracking jocks, baburaj,salimkumar,dhrmjan,Niyas Backer (sukuvettan oru kalyanam kazhikkanam jeevithathil santhosham Mathram mathiyo?) good comedy performance . kunchako also performing well in the movie, ann and asif good performance (some time they seems overacting ) Lishnu, Lalu alex they don’t have nothing much to do. story have noting in extra ordinary to tell but have some resemblance with some old movie, but the location is very beautiful Gavi become famous by this movie, i am from pathanamthitta and i have travelled to gavi once and its nice place, the plot of the movie is excellent, camera and songs,bgmusic was also good…over all its a colour full movie, some more factors which i love the movie ( i had worked in pathanamthitta KSRTC depot as a conductor (now i have resigned, also i saw the shooting , and i love the journey to Gavi, pathanamthitta Rarely appear in movies ,i got some nostalgia feeling about my life and my pathanmthitta,

    one more thing, place shown in movie as Gavi are not completely Gavi, they have shown Vagamon, Kuttikknam and some part for munnar (in song) i love these place too

    over all its nice entertainment, watchable with Friends and family, i saw the movie 2 times…………..wish you all success to the team( Sugeeth,Rajeev Nair,Nishad K. Koya – Manu Prasad, Vidyasagar, Saajan)……………expecting some good movie from you

    My Rating for this Movie is 6.5/10

    its far better than some super star big budget movie release recently….it worth Watching…………

  9. Biju Rockzzzzz

  10. Guys! This is a good movie. Very good script, great location and good camera work. I’m from Palakkad and I watched the movie very recently on a full house from Palakkad itself. Audience where rally enjoying each dialog of Biju Menon. He delivered the Palakkaden slang perfectly. Kudos to the script writer. Babu Raj was also good. As many people said it is a team work. Asif Ali and Aan Augestin kurachu overaki. Aan nilavilichapol audience koovi:) . But audience enjoyed the movie and they where much involved while watching. Songs are average. Final comment will be watch the movie with Family!

  11. After good movies ” beautiful” & ” pranayam” I was awaiting for different movie with good story and nice picturization and there it is …Our “ordinary..”. Kunchako…ellavarkkum pulliye ishtamaanu ( jaadayumilla, valiya english umilla..pakshe nalla oru paavam payyan..)..Biju Menon( excellent acting…enna slang aanu pulliyude..so….good…:) sharikkum chiruppichu nammale..), and actress also really good. She will really be an asset to malayalm industry..nobody says, its her first movie..Overall my rating 4/5..Exxxxxcellent!!!!! Nice to see Givi ( near to my place kozhencherry,,,:) )

  12. it was a wonderful experience to see a movie like this… lots of green, good acting and totally a watchable movie (with family)….

  13. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE.TEAM WORK kondu mathrame malayala cinema rakshapedoo ennu theliyicha chitram koodiyanu ORDINARY.kunchacko bobban,biju menon,baburaj,salim kumar ellavarum kalakki.Shrita was much better when compared to ann augustene.oru scene aval nilavilichu kulamakki.asif ali overacted in some scenes.ithu randum ozhichal padam SUPER.SECOND SHOW,EE ADUTHA KALATH,ORDINARY——MALAYALA CINEMA ATHINTE VASANTHAM VEENDEDUKKUNNU.BEST WISHES

  14. most locations shown as gavi in the movie is actually wagamon…

  15. I liked the movie very much Biju Menon and Baburaj adichupolichu Valrey nalla padam Second half is a bit slow though The movie i owuld rate 4 out of 5 Great job indeed

  16. Superb film…. a film is to enjoy your 3 hours in theater. In that view this is a superb film. worth to watch 2 or three times….

  17. idh pazyaya kandu madutha film aaan…adh gaviyil poyi parannaal nannaavila…youth film enn parannaal youth abhinayichaal maatram poraaa…ndhenkilum oru pudhiya theme enkilum venam…THE SAME OLD MALAYALAM MOVIE

    • Ist half energetic.I can tell you how much time I wanted to walk out of the theator.The romance between Kunzakoo and that girl was frustrating and helped in dragging the film which in actuality is small.The first half was lame and hardly any good jokes were there.The second is were the real story starts is predictable and climax was nothing.Its sad that such lame films becomes super hits with huge collections.The good part of the story is its presentation of the village.I could virtualy feel the coldness of the village in the theator itself.

  18. Kananam enn orupad agraham und. Bt no were it plays in banglore city

    • Hi Bashid,

      Movie will be released in Bangalore on 30th March.
      Theater Lists …

      Fame Lido: Off MG Road : 06:55 PM
      Gopalan Cinemas: Bannerghatta Road : 05:10 PM
      HMT Cinema, Jalahalli : 09:45 PM
      Innovative Multiplex: Marathahalli : 10:00PM

  19. padam nannaytundu..cinematography,editing ushaarakki..kuttikaanam athinte manohaarithaye nannay aavishkarichu,,,kuttikaanam enna sthalath edutha padangalokee pottitte ulloo..ennal ithu oru maatam aayirikkum…good team wrk,,keep it up

  20. Adipoli…
    Enik e padathil kooduthal attractive ayath gaviyum pinne shrithayeyum aanu.

  21. Definitely a Super Hit movie…. Biju menon is really rocking with his Pallakkaddan (valluvanadan) slang…his performance, resembles mammootty in Rajamanikyam and Mohan Lal in Thoovanathumbighal. Kunjako was Ok… Bharat Saleem Kumar has done exceptionally well in his only “two” scenes. Babu Raj was ok were as Asif Ali’s was little bit Over Acting. New Heroine has also performed very well. I will give 4/5 for this movie

  22. Definitely ordinary is old wine with old bottle only. there are many problems in the srtipt. But audience were happy because they could see some life in the movie. Malayalam audience are not changed. If they get a little story in the movie they will be happy. anyway it is a good sign that, this kind of movie is also can make a hit .

  23. Polappan padam. Ellavarum nannaayittund. Biju menonum baburajum kalakki. Baburajinte orio dialoginum kayyadiyaayirunnu. Chakochanum asif aliyum usharaakki. Puthiya naayika shritha nalla nadiyaanennu theliyichu. Ann agustian chila scenil overacting und. Pinne gavi oru adipoli place thanne. Mothathil ordinery is an extra-ordinery film

  24. Ordinary proves mollywood is come bak 2 d swt 80’s .


  26. Chakochan is great performance

  27. Asif Ali acted well ..

    • kunchako boban and biju menon was excellent……climax is predictable…..asif ali was gud but kurachu overacting aayirunnu…..was rendering dialouges at the top of his voice from the beggining of the movie….for his last movie “unnam” he did the same thing…baburaj rocks…..n last but not the least the location was EXTRA ordinary

  28. Asif ali acted well..

  29. I haven’t heard of this one. I’ll have to check it out.

  30. Very gud movie

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  32. വളരെ മനോഹരമായ ഒരു സിനിമ. ബോറടിപ്പിക്കാത്ത ആദ്യ ഭാഗവും കുറച്ചു സീരിയസ് ആയ രണ്ടാം പകുതിയുമാണ് . രണ്ടാം പകുതിയില്‍ കോമഡി വളരെ കുറവാണെന്നത് ഒഴിച്ച് നിര്‍ത്തിയാല്‍ പടം മനോഹരമാണ് . സസ്പെന്‍സ് പ്രേടിക്ടു ചെയ്യാമെങ്കിലും ക്ലൈമാക്സ്‌ നല്ലതാക്കി . എന്റെ രേടിംഗ് 4 / 5 … ഒരു ഹിറ്റാവാന്‍ ചാന്‍സുള്ള സിനിമ !!

  33. Super movie, I guess the comedy is the biggest adv of ordinary, second halfile twistellam predictablanu. Ennalum climax nannayittundu . Movie deserve at least 3.5. Babuettananu tharam.

  34. Outstanding movie, though second half is predictable, climax was good!!

  35. I didnt like the movie that much. Kunchankan Boban was comfortable in his role which makes it easy to watch the movie. But the script lacks the power to make the movie memorable. Songs are placed in not in tone of the movie. It fails to captivate my desire to understand the characters. For me it remains an average movie with some hilarious sequences.I cant say that the climax was least expected. After watching many malayalam movies you come to understand that it is always the least expected person who becomes the villain. So the film is really far from perfect.Maybe a mile away.

    • Athippom ethu hollywood film kandalum suspancellam angane thanne. Pakshe ee moviyile climax nallathanu, predict cheyyamenkilum athavatharippicha reethi onnu veereyanu!!. second halfile twist kuzhappamillayirunnu, enthayulum malayala cinimayku kurachu nalla chithrangal, Second show, nidra, ee adutha kaalathu pinne ippo ordinariuym !!

    • then who want for villan Rajanikanth?

  36. Adipoli cinima, oru pravisyam kandu nale onnukudi, Babuettan kalakinnu paranja kalakki:) malayalathinte valare nalla varsham, Second Show, Nidra, EE adutha kaalathu pinee ippo ordanariyum:) Kalakki moonee. EE givi enna sthalom kalakki, AAn augustine oru seenil overakkiyennozhicha ithu valre nalla cinema:)

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