Cobra Malayalam Movie Preview – Theater Balcony

Update : 12 – April – 2012 (Read Review)

Mega Star Mammootty all set for his upcoming film Cobra along with actor/director Lal. This is the first time Lal is directing Mammootty, though both shared screen space in various hit films.

The film will be a thriller comedy, where the mega Star Mammootty is going back to his recent hit formula – Comedy.Movie Talks about two brothers in Kottayam….

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13 comments on “Cobra Malayalam Movie Preview – Theater Balcony

  1. uvva….uvva…

  2. There is no logic to say its a flop.The movie has collected 6 cr aftr 3 weeks running and that too with competition from ordinary,mayamohini,(both blockbusters)22FK and host of other eng and tamil releases..Cobra’s survival shows that its in no way a flop and is in fact a hit.The movie has potential to colect upto 7 cr in its lifetime despite being shown at one of the busiest month in kerala box office in recent years.

  3. Mohanlalinu ithu pole mamookayude role cheyan pattumoda…..kodavayarumayitt…..

  4. great movie.pentasti above100 days conform

  5. brotharaa raja kalaki pavam lalappan fans poor pearos kolaveri daaa…..

  6. lalappa,rajappa chumma mattulavarude kude ninu padam abhinayikathe mammootiye pole changootam kanikeda

  7. wonderful film its awesome super fight mammooka 250days sure families go and watc it

  8. average movie
    didnt turn out as expected..
    lal and mammoka combination didnt work ut well..
    bad climax..

  9. another flop for mammoty..
    boring comedy..

  10. Cobra super . . . . .2nd megahit . . . .kolaveri daa . . . . .mammootty kii jaii . . . . .

    • 2nd megahit? First etha? Best actor? Poyi patrangaloke arichu porukede, netil ninnu oneindia sitel poyi noke appo manassilakum flopikka..

  11. hai guys.,,
    The movie COBRA was superb.,the theater was houseful on the first day first show..
    80%comedy+20% action-climax is superb……
    fentastic movie……….
    watch and enjoy……..

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