Rajeev Pillai The Super Star …

Talented Actor, Great Model, Outstanding Cricketer Rajeev Pillai to lead in the upcoming film My Fan Ramu, where he plays a film Super Star . Saiju Kurup will play the hard-core fan of this Super Star.

The Movie will be directed by the new comer Akhil. Rajeev got to fame with one of the lead role in much appreciated City Of God. He also starred in films like, Anwar, Bombay March 12 and Teja bhai & Family.

Looks Like he is concentrating on some good movies, where he got movies like Vindum Kannur, Malamaal Weekly 2 (hindi) and London Dreams to release soon.

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4 comments on “Rajeev Pillai The Super Star …

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  2. Pahayan kollam tta..

  3. hope he acts well

  4. All the best Rajeev, Good to see him in some great movies!!

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